Grandmaster Presas Classic Series Video

Volume 2: Double Cane Drills


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Item # MA842

Volume 2: Double Cane Drills
Featuring: Grandmaster Remy A. Presas

Approx: 58 min
DVD Price: $29.99
DVD Format: NTSC / PAL

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You will learn:

  1. Redonda X Movement
  2. Step by step Redonda X Movement
  3. Application of Redonda X Movement
  4. Single Sinawali
  5. Step by step Single Sinawali
  6. Application of Empty Hand Single Sinawali
  7. Double Sinawali
  8. Empty Hand Double Sinawali
  9. Reverse Sinawali
  10. Application of Empty Hand Reverse Sinawali
  11. Innovation of Double Stick Disarming Techniques
  12. Double Zero Strike
  13. Variation of Disarming Techniques





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