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Complete Video Collection of Grandmaster Remy A. Presas

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Grandmaster Remy A. Presas Instructional DVD
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Inside GM Remy A. Presas Instructional DVD

Visidario - Approx: 29 min
  • Block, Check and Counter with Counter
  • Block, Check And Counter with Counter (Empty Hand Vs. Stick)
  • Empty Hand Block, Check And Counter with Counter (Rapid Fire)
  • Visdario Trapping and Locking
  • Empty Hand Trapping and Locking


Finger Locking Techniques - Approx: 28 min
  • Finger Locking With Wrist Throw
  • Two Finger Standing Center Lock
  • Standing Center Lock with Two Finger Cross Hand Hold
  • Thumb Lock
  • Single Sinawali With Locking Techniques


Empty Hand Sinawali Boxing and Finger Locking - Approx: 62 min
  • Empty Hand Sinawali Boxing
  • Modern Arnis Locking Techniques
  • Twin Finger Lock
  • Single Finger Lock
  • Standing Center Lock
  • Thumb Lock
  • Single Finger Lock


Semi Advance Abaniko Corto and Abaniko Double - Approx: 34 min
  • Semi Advance Abaniko Corto Double Action
  • Abaniko Corto Strikes
  • Abaniko Corto Strike
  • Empty Hand Abaniko Corto
  • Empty Hand Abaniko Locking Techniques
  • Flow Techniques in Abaniko Corto
  • Empty Hand Abaniko Corto
  • Abaniko Checking Of The Hand


Advance Knife Techniques - Approx: 30 min
  • Introduction to Advance knife Techniques
  • Knife Drill Give and Take
  • Knife Disarm And Trapping
  • Empty Hand Block, Check Counter With Counter
  • Knife Disarm Give And Take


Knife Techniques - Approx: 32 min
  • Knife Techniques
  • Knife Disarm And Take Down
  • Backward Throw With Hammer Lock
  • Knife Disarm


Advance Figure 8 And Advance Banda Y Banda - Approx: 39 min
  • Introduction to Advance Figure 8
  • Advance Figure 8 with Trapping
  • Strike And Cut in Advance Figure 8
  • Reverse Figure 8
  • Advance Banda Y Banda
  • Empty Hand Advance Banda Y Banda Trapping


Advance Tapi-Tapi Techniques - Approx: 25 min
  • Stances in Advance Tapi-tapi
  • Visidario (Block, Check And Counter)
  • Advance Tapi-Tapi Trapping
  • Advance Tapi-tapi Drill
  • Coridas Inside and Outside Drill
  • Inside and Outside Blocks


Tapi-Tapi Right and left Hand Techniques - Approx: 56 min
  • Introduction to Right Hand Tapi-Tapi
  • Tapi-Tapi Trapping
  • Sequence on Tapi-Tapi
  • Left And Right Hand Tapi-Tapi
  • Introduction to Left Hand Tapi-Tapi
  • Tapi-Tapi Tapping
  • Tapi-Tapi with Disarming
  • Empty Hand Trapping
  • Stick Trapping
  • Tapi-Tapi with Throwing Techniques


Introduction to Tapi-Tapi - Approx: 37 min
  • Stances in Modern Arnis
  • Courtesy Bow
  • 12 Striking Techniques
  • Blocking Techniques
  • Inward And Outward Blocks
  • Block, Check, Counter with Counter
  • Stick Locking Techniques
  • Coridas
  • Tapi-Tapi
  • Tapi-Tapi with Disarming
  • Tapi-Tapi with Counter


Advance Single Sinawali with Empty Hand Application - Approx: 25 min
  • Introduction to Advance Single Sinawali with Empty Hand Application
  • Single Sinawali High And Low
  • Single Sinawali with Thrusting
  • Empty Hand Single Sinawali high and Low
  • Empty Hand Single with Finger Locking
  • Empty Hand Application Of Single Sinawali
  • Empty Hand Sinawali with Throwing Techniques
  • Empty Hand Trapping Techniques
  • Stick Trapping Techniques


Advance Palis - Palis With Multi-Impact Application - Approx: 40 min
  • Introduction to Advance Palis-Palis With Multi-Impact Application
  • Advance Palis-Palis With Tusok
  • Advance Palis-Palis With Disarm
  • Advance Palis-Palis With Backward Throw
  • Advance Palis-Palis With Armbar
  • Advance Palis-Palis With Cane Takedown
  • Advance Palis-Palis Empty Hand
  • Advance Palis-Palis With Wrist Lock
  • Advance Palis-Palis With Come Along
  • Advance Palis-Palis With Hammer Lock
  • Advance Palis-Palis With Compress Elbow
  • Advance Palis-Palis With Side by Side Throw
  • Basic Palis-Palis
  • Empty Hand Palis-Palis





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