MARPPIO Live Seminar Video

MARPPIO Complete Video Collection - Total of 24 video Featuring: Dr. Remy P. Presas

Item # : MA997

MARPPIO Live Seminar (Vol 1 to 17)
Featuring: Dr. Remy P. Presas

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DVD Format: NTSC / PAL

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Inside the complete Live Seminar MARPPIO :

Volume 1: Live Seminar in Atlantic City:

  1. Trapping Techniques in Empty Hand.
  2. Empty hand vs. Single stick trapping techniques.
  3. One Stick and Double Stick and much more !!!

Volume 2: Live Seminar in Davenport, Iowa

  1. 12 Angle's of Attack.
  2. Block, check, counter with counter.
  3. One Stick trapping techniques.
  4. Empty Hand Trapping and throwing techniques and much more.

Volume 3: Live Seminar in Tacoma, Washington

  1. Stick trapping techniques.
  2. Empty hand trapping techniques
  3. Empty hand vs. stick trapping techniques and much more.

Volume 4: Live Seminar in Topeka, Kansas

  1. Classical Arnis Figure Eight.
  2. Stick Trapping Techniques.
  3. Classical Arnis (Double Sero) and much more.

Volume 5: Live Seminar in Vineland, New Jersey

  1. Application of Figure Eight.
  2. Reverse Figure Eight.
  3. Daga Trapping and much more.

Volume 6: Live Seminar Trapping and Locking

  1. Payong Block
  2. Wing Block
  3. Block, check and trapping
  4. Stick Trapping
  5. Dulo sa Dulo Block and much more.

Volume 7:
Live Seminar Dulo sa Dulo, Empty Hand, Trapping, Locking and Take Down

  1. Dulo sa Dulo Strike
  2. Dulo sa Dulo Block
  3. Dulo sa Dulo Locking Techniques
  4. Empty Hand block, check and counter
  5. Empty Hand Locking and Take Down and much more.

Volume 8: Live Seminar Basse-Normandie, France

  1. Empty Hand Trapping and locking techniques
  2. Dulo sa Dulo Trapping and locking techniques
  3. Palis Palis with Abaniko Double Action
  4. Palis Palis Trapping and much more.

Volume 9: Modern Arnis Live Seminar Visidario

  1. Empty Hand Locking Techniques.
  2. Stick Trapping.
  3. Empty Hand Block, check and Counter with counter.
  4. Empty Hand Trapping and locking techniques.
  5. Combination of two stick, one stick and Empty hand Trapping.

Volume 10: Modern Arnis Live Double Stick, Single Stick and Empty Hand Techniques

Volume 11: Modern Arnis Live Seminar Sinawali Dumog

  1. Double Sinawali.
  2. Sinawali Dumog.
  3. Modern Arnis knife techniques.
  4. Knife Drills.
  5. Knife Drill give and take.
  6. Palm up, Palm Down takedown.
  7. Empty Hand techniques.
  8. Stick and Empty Hand Trapping.
  9. Throwing Techniques Palm up and Palm Down.

Volume 12: Live Seminar Poland


Volume 13: Live Seminar Advance Dumog and Sikaran


Volume 14: Live Seminar Joint Locks 


Volume 15: Live Seminar Palis - Palis and Visidario


Volume 16: Live Seminar Visidario Espada Y Daga


Volume 17: Live Seminar Abaniko Joint Locks






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