MARPPIO Seminar In Largo, Florida
June 23 and 24, 2007

largo001.jpg (50kb) largo002.jpg (65kb) largo003.jpg (63kb) largo004.jpg (45kb) largo005.jpg (40kb)
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Second Day Seminar

largo2daysem004.jpg (48kb) largo2daysem005.jpg (41kb) largo2daysem006.jpg (66kb) largo2daysem007.jpg (62kb) largo2daysem008.jpg (54kb)
largo2daysem010.jpg (61kb) largo2daysem011.jpg (60kb) largo2daysem012.jpg (53kb) largo2daysem013.jpg (47kb) largo2daysem014.jpg (49kb)
largo2daysem015.jpg (59kb) largo2daysem016.jpg (59kb) largo2daysem017.jpg (59kb) largo2daysem018.jpg (57kb) largo2daysem019.jpg (60kb)
largo2daysem020.jpg (60kb) largo2daysem021.jpg (62kb) largo2daysem022.jpg (52kb) largo2daysem023.jpg (48kb) largo2daysem024.jpg (46kb)
largo2daysem025.jpg (53kb) largo2daysem026.jpg (60kb) largo2daysem027.jpg (57kb) largo2daysem028.jpg (42kb) largo2daysem029.jpg (44kb)
largo2daysem030.jpg (40kb)

Misc. Picture

largobeach001.jpg (36kb) largobeach002.jpg (48kb) largobeach003.jpg (41kb) largobeach004.jpg (46kb) largobeach015.jpg (52kb)
largobeach005.jpg (39kb) largobeach006.jpg (36kb) largobeach007.jpg (47kb) largobeach008.jpg (28kb) largobeach009.jpg (27kb)
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